AUTOMATIC 3D Machine CONTROL for dozer Grade Control

Unicontrol automatic grading control for dozers ensures accurate leveling with centimeter accuracy. It's designed for exceptional effectiveness and intelligent, automated blade control that makes your work smarter, regardless of the experience level. Automatic grading control with Unicontrol 3D is your guarantee for less rework!

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Dozer GPS machine control

what is GRADE Control for Dozers?

We will make this simple. The following components are the core of Unicontrol3D that will increase the efficiency of your dozer operations!

Unicontrol3D is a flexible, reliable, and simple 3D machine control system. With user-friendly technology, the workday becomes much easier for the operator, and the quality assurance is both faster and more accurate.

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Key Benefits of GRADE CONTROL For Dozers

IntuItive System

Simplicity is the core of our machine control system. Our experience shows that it takes approx. 30 minutes for the Operator to start applying the system.


We ensured customization to individual needs and preferences to maximize utilization and minimize introduction time​.

Less Rework

The essential benefit of investing in machine control is doing the job right the first time. You know exactly how much material to take out, which height to put it in, and confirm that you are in the correct location. ​

Automatic grading control

3D Machine Control Automation introduces a new era of grading, ensuring precision, efficiency, and productivity in every dozer operation. Integrating state-of-the-art GPS grading control, digital terrain models, and real-time data processing enables machinery to achieve precise grading and site preparation with minimal human intervention. This ensures that projects adhere closely to design specifications and reduces material wastage and operational costs. Additionally, the immediate feedback these systems provide allows for quick adjustments on-site, reducing errors and rework.
The automatic grading control allows the operators to set a desired slope or grade reference, and automatically hold that reference with the dozer blade. By automatically adjusting the blade height and tilt, Unicontrol Automatic Grading Control enables operators to easily achieve and maintain a smooth surface, slope, or grade.

Application Scenarios

The virtual guidance of the 3D machine control enables operators of all levels to view the real-time working processes and provide as-built data for quality control. In various tasks, direct feedback on grading level, slope angle, and excavation in various tasks, according to design, improves operator independence and fleet effectiveness.



Fine Grading

Fine Grading

Leveraging 3D machine control for grading ensures accurate land leveling, enhances precision, reduces rework for fine grading, and streamlines operations for the finished contouring.


Ensuring a level base, or one with a specified slope, for construction work such as a foundation, the base course for a road or a railway, or landscape and garden improvements, or surface drainage.


Excavation using 3D machine control elevates construction precision by guiding with real-time data, ensuring accurate depth and contouring, and allowing construction professionals to optimize efficiency and outcomes.

Unicontrol Cloud

Effective communication between machines and workstations is essential! The future is paperless, and the UnicontrolCloud solution will ensure efficiency and great teamwork on-site. UnicontrolCloud provides an overview ofprojects and allows you to upload project data,design files and work with as-built information quickly and easily.
UnicontrolCloud Interface



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What is 3D Machine Control?

3D machine control combines the jobsite with an intuitive digital solution inside the cab of your machine, enabling operators to make their earthmoving tasks precise and avoid rework!

With GPS antennas mounted on the machine, and IMU sensors on every moving part, machine control offers a solution to closely monitor your earthmoving tasks according to your particular environment and task in real-time. Our system supports all tilt rotators on the market and we were the first on the market to make a system compatible with swing boom.

With 3D machine control the machine will be able to operate with higher precision by digging or grading according to design files on the tablet inside the cab. Machine control optimizes and simplifyes work for the operator.

How does a dozer GPS work?

The term 'GPS' typically refers to a broader GNSS technology, which includes GPS as one of its constellations. This system uses signals from multiple satellites, including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and others, to accurately determine the dozer's position and IMU Sensors installed on the moving parts of the machine provies real-time feedback for the dozer operator.

The GNSS system is installed with cutting-edge GNSS antennas on the blade of the dozer, guiding the dozer to precise leveling and grading and adjusting the blade in real-time according to digital terrain models. This results in accurate, efficient earthmoving and grading, a crucial aspect of advanced grading equipment.

How to operate GPS on a dozer?

Operating 'GPS' on a dozer, in reality, involves using a GNSS-based machine control system. The operator sets desired grading parameters on the machine control interface. The system, utilizing GNSS signals (including GPS), automatically controls the blade's position to achieve the specified grade.

This interface is part of sophisticated gps grade control systems, allowing operators to monitor and adjust in real-time for accurate grading, enhancing the overall capability of the grading equipment.

How does GPS grade control work?

GPS grade control, as part of a GNSS system, combines satellite data, including GPS, with advanced software for precise grading control. This technology, essential in grade control products, allows dozers to work according to pre-set design models.

It automates blade positioning for accurate grading, making it a key component in grading equipment, ensuring efficiency and adherence to project specifications with minimal manual input.

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