Highly intuitive 3D machine control FOR ALL EXCAVATORS

We aim to simplify the operator’s job and avoid unnecessary re-work and downtime with a system that's easy to use, regardless of skill level. Unicontrol3D is a user-friendly machine control system with GPS for excavators - at an unbeatable price.

Scroll down and discover how our machine control system for excavators can revolutionize your projects.
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what is 3D Machine control for Excavators?

We will make this simple. The following components are the core of Unicontrol3D that will increase the efficiency of your excavation projects!
Unicontrol3D is a flexible, reliable, and simple 3D machine control system. With user-friendly technology, the workday becomes much easier for the operator, and the quality assurance is both faster and more accurate.

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Key Benefits of 3D Machine control For Excavators

IntuItive System

Simplicity is the core of our machine control system. Our experience shows that it takes approx. 30 minutes for the Operator to start applying the system.


We ensured customization to individual needs, local processes and preferences to maximize utilization and minimize introduction time​.

Less Rework

The essential benefit of investing in machine control is doing the job right the first time. You know exactly how much material to take out, which height to put it in, and confirm that you are in the correct location. ​


Unicontrol 3D machine control seamlessly integrates with every excavator type – from nimble mini-excavators to mighty long-reaches, crawlers, and wheeled excavators. Experience unmatched precision and responsiveness in 3D guidance, regardless of the attachment or size.

Swing boom

Unicontrol3D support the swing boom with a dedicated sensor to follow the movements of the swing boom.

Dual boom

Unicontrol3D supports Dual boom/City boom for machines who need te added flexibility or added reach.

Tilt rotator

Unicontrol 3D supports tilt rotators and tilt hinges  - and integrates directly with the built-in tilt sensor.

offset boom

Unicontrol3D supports like single offset boom and articulated offset boom for increased flexibility.


Unicontrol machine control supports both wheeled and excavators on tracks.

Dual Swing Boom

Unicontrol3D supports like single offset boom and articulated offset boom for increased flexibility.

Application Scenarios

The virtual guidance of the 3D machine control enables operators of all levels to view the real-time working processes and provide as-built data for quality control. In various tasks, direct feedback on grading level, slope angle, and excavation in various tasks, according to design, improves operator independence and fleet effectiveness.






Leveraging 3D machine control for grading ensures accurate land leveling, enhances precision, reduces rework, and streamlines operations, making it indispensable for modern construction professionals.


Excavation using 3D machine control elevates construction precision by guiding  with real-time data, ensuring accurate depth and contouring, allowing construction professionals to optimize efficiency and outcomes.


Dredging with 3D machine control ensures precise depth control, efficient sediment removal, and real-time feedback, enabling unparalleled accuracy and as-build data for documentation with surface logging.


3D machine control  technology guides equipment with real-time data, ensuring accurate depth and contouring, allowing construction professionals to optimize efficiency and outcomes.

Unicontrol Cloud

Effective communication between machines and workstations is essential! The future is paperless, and the UnicontrolCloud solution will ensure efficiency and great teamwork on-site. UnicontrolCloud provides an overview of projects and allows you to upload project data, design files and work with as-built information quickly and easily.



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What is 3D Machine Control?

3D machine control combines the jobsite with an intuitive digital solution inside the cab of your machine, enabling operators to make their earthmoving tasks precise and avoid rework!

With GPS antennas mounted on the excavator, and IMU sensors on every moving part, machine control offers a solution to closely monitor your earthmoving tasks according to your particular environment and task in real-time. Our system supports all tilt rotators on the market and we were the first on the market to make a system compatible with swing boom.

With 3D machine control the machine will be able to operate with higher precision by digging or grading according to design files on the tablet inside the cab. Machine control optimizes and simplifyes work for the operator.

How is GPS Helpful with an Excavator?

GPS for excavators is only one constellation of GNSS technology, which greatly enhances precision in excavation tasks. It provides real-time geospatial data, essential for accurate digging, grading, and leveling.

By employing GPS, operators can meticulously follow project blueprints for depth, angles, and positioning, thereby reducing errors and eliminating unnecessary rework. This results in efficient, precise excavation, integral to modern construction projects.

How do you use GPS on an Excavator?

Integrating GPS on an excavator involves the use of a GNSS-based machine control system. This system supports a multitude of satellite constellations and signals, including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS, QZSS, and SBAS, over up to 800 channels.

This multi-constellation and frequency tracking ensures the highest degree of accuracy in the excavator's positioning and navigation, allowing operators to execute complex excavation plans with precision.

How Accurate is the GPS on an Excavator?

The GPS system on excavators, as part of a multi-constellation GNSS technology, offers exceptional accuracy, typically within 1-2 cm. This precision is achieved through multi-constellation and frequency tracking across up to 800 satellite channels.

The system supports all standard signals including GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, and SBAS, ensuring highly accurate and reliable positioning. Such pinpoint accuracy is vital in meeting the stringent demands of modern construction, enabling precise excavation and adherence to exact project specifications.

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