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Improve collaboration, optimize productivity, and reduce downtime with UnicontrolCloud. Manage all your machines and the many design files from the office without wasting time traveling between workstations to transfer data. UnicontrolCloud is the perfect 3D machine control assistant.
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A Single Point of Connection for your Unicontrol Solutions

Synchronize projects, files and settings automatically across your entire Unicontrol fleet without having to leave your desk and receive data directly from the construction site. The integration of Infrakit ensures a seamless open-data flow on-site, enhancing collaboration across various machine control software platforms.

Remotely upload project files directly to your Unicontrol3D fleets or Rover teams

Synchronize project files between office, operator and UnicontrolRover in real-time

Remotely Configure NTRIP and geo-location settings across fleet devices

Rest assured with remote diagnostics and calibration backups recovery

With UnicontrolCloud, remote support is more efficient than ever. Your distributor gets a complete overview of the health of your machines. The UnicontrolCloud offers diagnostics and continuous health checks on all operating machines in your fleet, ensuring minimal downtime during breakdowns.  

Over-the-air support is easier than ever. Our support team can access diagnostics data from your machine and help solve the issue remotely. Quick support lets you get back to work in no time.

COMPLETE Overview OF your Machine Fleet’s Projects and Position

Access a centralized platform that enables users to manage and monitor all their machines in one place. Users can view the real-time location of their machines and their operating status.

With real-time exchange of data and information, you improve efficiency and quality. No more paper waste, walks between machines, and downtime while you wait for necessary data to continue the job.
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With Unicontrol Cloud, remote support is more efficient than ever. Get remote check-ups provided with the assistance of your Distributor and receive continuous diagnostics to ensure minimal downtime of your systems.


What is UnicontrolCloud?

UnicontrolCloud is a cloud service that enables you to send design files from your office directly to the machine operators on site, so you won’t have to walk between machines to transfer data, saving you time and hassle.  

Operators and surveyors can upload project data, points, lines, and as-built information from their machine or rover. With UnicontrolCloud, all project data is stored automatically, ensuring thorough and accurate documentation for every project phase.  

Everyone with access to the cloud can collaborate with each other and improve productivity with great teamwork.

What are the benefits of UnicontrolCloud?

The UnicontrolCloud has several benefits that can support contractors in increasing the productivity and quality assurance of their projects.

1. Improved Collaboration:
UnicontrolCloud allows for quick and easy transfer of as-built information and project files between the office and machines, improving the collaboration on-site.  

2. Streamlined Data Management:
With Automatic Synchronization of logged points and lines, these will automatically be stored in the cloud, ensuring real-time updates and instant synchronization of data. the data. As a result, foremen and machine operators can focus more on their work with the assurance that all data is up-to-date and accurately reflected in the UnicontrolCloud.  

3. Enhanced Machine Efficiency and Support:
With Remote Diagnostics and Backup Recovery, UnicontrolCloud minimizes machine downtime and enhances overall fleet efficiency. The UnicontrolCloud allows access to a complete overview of the health of your operating machines with remote diagnostics, ensuring minimal downtime of your fleet. This feature is crucial in providing effective support and maintenance, ensuring that your machines are always operational and in optimal condition, no matter where they are located.

What file formats are supported?

UnicontrolCloud supports uploads in popular formats like DXF and XML, accommodating a range of project needs.  Upload project data, and design files, and work with as-built information quickly and easily.

How do you upload files to the UnicontrolCloud?

To upload files, simply create a project, assign your machines and rovers, and then drag and drop your files using the 'Files' > 'Upload Design' option. All files will automatically be sent to the machines that are assigned to the project.

Does UnicontrolCloud integrate with Infrakit?

Yes. UnicontrolCloud seamlessly integrates with Infrakit, a versatile platform that enhances cooperation among machine operators and contractors using various control softwares.

Infrakit is a platform that allows for digital flow of designs and as-built information across machine control softwares, creating an open dataflow regardless of the composition of machine control softwares in a fleet.  

Learn more about the partnership here.  

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