The Compact Machine
3D Machine Control

3D Machine control makes higher output and less rework possible on compact machines for both small contractors and large construction companies.

The Mini-Excavator or Skid-Steer is often the Swiss army knife on the construction site - utilize the benefits of 3D machine control and become more competitive, less independent and more productive.
Before Unicontrol 3D

3D Machine COntol Developed for COmpACt Machines

Unicontrol3D is from the start, developed to support the workflows and full range of movement on the compact segment. Our 3D machine control supports the full range of motion of the swing boom with an interface intuitive enough to keep the constant shift of machine operators.

Compact Excavator

With Unicontrol3D, you utilize the full potential of your compact excavator or mini excavators by achieving higher precision, less rework, and less dependence on surveyors or landscape architects. Create design directly in Unicontrol3D, excavate with precision, and document as-built - without stops.

Compact Loaders

With Unicontrol3D, you have real-time 3D Guidance high precision, and a more efficient workflow. From Excavation to fine grading, 3d machine control ensures accurate leveling with centimeter accuracy in your earthmoving and ensures as-built documentation with ease.

Grading Attachments AUtomatic

Unicontrol 3D supports a variety of grading attachments and box blade, and offers automatic blade control for increased precision and higher efficiency. With real-time 3D guidance and automatic blade adjustment, you can work with greater speed with a more independent - securing a precision grading.

Utilize COmpact Machine fully with GPS

The virtual guidance of the 3D machine control enables operators of all levels to view the real-time working processes and provide as-built data for quality control. In various tasks, direct feedback on grading level, slope angle, and excavation in various tasks, according to design, improves operator independence and fleet effectiveness.




Fine grading


Ensuring a level base, or one with a specified slope, for construction work such as a foundation, the base course for a road or a railway, or landscape and garden improvements, or surface drainage.

Fine grading

Leveraging 3D machinecontrol for grading ensures accurate land leveling, enhances precision, reducesrework for fine grading, and streamlines operations for the finished contouring.


Make Infield designs and ensure precise depth control, efficient sediment removal, and real-time feedback, enabling unparalleled accuracy and as-built data for documentation with surface logging.


3D machine control  technology guides equipment with real-time data, ensuring accurate depth and contouring, allowing construction professionals to optimize efficiency and outcomes.

The Key to succes with GPS on COmpacts Machines

Even the smallest trenching and excavating jobs can benefit from fast cycles, increased precision, and digital documentation.

What makes compact machines different from larger machines is they change operators several times a day, the cost of the machine is significantly lower, and increased flexibility of movement often calls for unique sensors.

Key Benefits of 3D Machine control


Simplicity is the core of our machine control system. Our experience shows that it takes approx. 30 minutes for the Operator to start applying the system.


We ensured customization to individual needs and preferences to maximize utilization and minimize introduction time​.

Less Rework

The essential benefit of investing in machine control is doing the job right the first time. You know exactly how much material to take out, which height to put it in, and confirm that you are in the correct location. ​

Unicontrol Cloud

Effective communication between machines and workstations is essential! The future is paperless, and the UnicontrolCloud solution will ensure efficiency and great teamwork on-site. UnicontrolCloud provides an overview ofprojects and allows you to upload project data, design files and work with as-built informationquickly and easily.


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What is 3D Machine Control?

3D machine control combines the jobsite with an intuitive digital solution inside the cab of your machine, enabling operators to make their earthmoving tasks precise and avoid rework!

With GPS antennas mounted on the machine, and IMU sensors on every moving part, machine control offers a solution to closely monitor your earthmoving tasks according to your particular environment and task in real-time. Our system supports all tilt rotators on the market and we were the first on the market to make a system compatible with swing boom.

With 3D machine control the machine will be able to operate with higher precision by digging or grading according to design files on the tablet inside the cab. Machine control optimizes and simplifyes work for the operator.

How long does it take to learn 3D Machine Control?

The operator’s day will become more simple and more productive with Unicontrol3D.

The sensors on the boom, arm, and bucket provide the operator with a precise position of the bucket edge at all times. You can instantly compare the actual depth, location, and other measurements with the design file without leaving the cab or the assistance of a surveyor.

You can operate with faster cycles and higher precision. With Unicontrol3D, you will know precisely how deep you dig and at what gradient, which means that you are always in control of your earthmoving task. 3D machine controls offer the possibility to make design files directly from the cab, which enables you to operate with precision and follow up with control measurements!

The tablet inside the machine provides easy access to design files transferred from the office to the machine and ensures that the task on the job site is executed precisely as intended the first time!

Avoid going over the same work multiple times when working according to pre-planned designs, which also means lower operating- and labor costs when allowing operators to work independently and accurately.

With a cloud solution as the backbone of all the job site processes and machines, machine control will offer a more intelligent way for contractors to manage their machine fleet’s tasks and improve collaboration between operators. Essentially, the cloud solution provides a real-life sharing of points and lines, creating efficient collaboration on the job site!

How can 3D Machine Control help me with quality assurance?

In the ever-evolving realm of construction, achieving consistent quality assurance is no longer an option; it's a necessity. The fusion of 3D Machine Control with an integrated cloud platform is a testament to this transformation.

Streamlined Remote Transfers: Transition from manual file sharing to effortlessly sending data directly from your workspace to machinery in real-time.

Unified Updates: With a centralized system, you can instantaneously refresh the design data across all machines, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring cohesion.

On-Demand Expert Assistance: Stuck in a rut? Our instantaneous remote control support bridges the gap between challenge and solution, ensuring uninterrupted progress.

Visual Clarity: Comprehensive photo documentation becomes an invaluable asset, capturing every significant phase and ensuring meticulous record-keeping.

Eco-Friendly Operations: Propel into the future by championing paperless construction, a nod to environmental responsibility without compromising efficiency.

Precision in Documentation (As-built documentation): Harness the power of as-build data, offering a crystal-clear chronological account of your project's evolution.

Experience a paradigm shift in quality assurance as the might of 3D machine control synergizes seamlessly with the integrated cloud platform.


From the raw power of bulldozers to the intricate capabilities of excavators, Unicontrol’s system is designed to seamlessly integrate with each machine's unique functionalities. Whether it’s the heavy-lifting power of a wheel loader or the agile maneuverability of a motor grader, Unicontrol enhances the performance and precision of each operation.

Its advanced software caters to the specific needs of each machine type. By understanding the nuanced differences in operations, Unicontrol ensures that data is not just generalized, but tailored to the machine in question. This provides operators with real-time insights that are highly relevant, ensuring efficiency and accuracy across the board.

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