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A new exciting chapter begins for Unicontrol!

June 17, 2021

We’re Growing Beyond the Frames

We increased our turnover by 350 per cent in the second year of our journey, and we expect to reach around 22 million DKK in sales this year, with a new director and a million deposit for global growth.

Even though we are a new company, our progress is going faster than ever imagined. We have, after just two and a half years, 23 employees. We were the first ones to move into the villa of Visti Unlimited where we had our office in just one single room, and now, we’re filling up most of the downstairs area with challenges regarding office space.  

We currently have dealers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Belgium. We’re on our way into the Netherlands and even more European countries. However, our ambitions are global!  

Thomas Visti’s past is with both Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots, and he has invested in Unicontrol with a former colleague, Lasse Kieffer and The Growth Foundation.

Thomas Visti is very excited about the development and growth that we in Unicontrol are experiencing.

Ehsan Eklas is Stepping Into the Role of CCO

Rapid growth requires a new structure and agility.

Ehsan Eklas was the director at Unicontrol, and he is now stepping into the role as CCO as he delegates the director post on to newly acceded Niels Bjerregaard.

As CCO, Ehsan can now focus on entering new markets, build up sales and still be the “face” of the company. Ehsan just returned from training our new distributors in Belgium, and when returning, he noticed that we had welcomed three new employees that he had yet to meet - this is why Niels is an excellent addition to our team.

Niels Bjerregaard as our New CEO

Niels has an economist education and a financial past. Previously he has worked for Danfoss and Elvstrøm Sails, and he has experience with growing global companies. After 21 years away from his birth town, Niels is now back in Odense, where he grew up.  

Niels is here to ensure that we have the foundation and structure to continue the growth and achieve the plans. We have to remove all the inefficiencies that generally follow a start-up, and we have to make sure that we have our core values in place.

We’re going from a start-up company to a scale-up - just as planned!