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From an Idea to International Success: Unicontrol Continues to Prove the Potential of User-friendly Machine Control

April 4, 2023

What started as an idea about making machine control in close collaboration with the machine operator in 2018 has quickly become a success.

Although the timeline from 2018 is relatively short, a lot has happened. Fantastic employees, strategic partners and the understanding of machine operators and smaller entrepreneurs’ needs have been an immense part of establishing the company Unicontrol has become today.

Since the launch of Unicontrol3D for the excavator, the portfolio has been expanded with new solutions that cater to a broad machine fleet – simple machine control has burst into the scene.  

The feedback we have received from international conferences and local partners clearly reflects on the latest financial reports. Although we have experienced a significant growth the last couple of years, and in the latest financial year in 2022, where the sales of Unicontrol3D machine control have increased from 30 to 71 millioner DKK, it’s an example of the hard work our fantastic Unicontrol-team have done the past years.

The vision about machine control made in direct cooperation with the operator, have contributed to our development described as a “fantastic growth” by local newspaper “Fyens Stiftstidende”.  

Unicontrol3D Machine Control have Found Room on The Global Market

The popularity of our user-friendly approach to GPS machine control have accelerated the success on the international scene. A success criteria have, among others, been the opportunity for international distributor to work closely with local partners to customize the Unicontrol3D interface to meet individual needs on the construction site. Our global focus have proven to be successful despite the late penetration of the market.  

“We have a global strategy. We are late to the party, so we move quick, and there is clearly a place for us”  Niels Bjerregaard, CEO at Unicontrol  

Although it often becomes cliché, it is important to show our gratitude to all the people who have joined us on the journey since 2018. Now is the perfect time to thank the wonderful team at Unicontrol, who is investing their time every day to develop our company.

To our customers who continue to trust our solutions and take part in creating the best possible solution for the machine operator.

Our international family of distributors for contributing to the global recognition through their expertise within their local markets.  

Following the latest successes, we emphasize the promise of continuing to develop our machine control system, and your support have proven that it is possible.  

Thank you for believing in Unicontrol3D and our vision of making machine control simple!