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Making Machine Control Simple in the U.S: Benchmark Tool & Supply inc. as New Unicontrol3D Distributor

September 28, 2023

We are proud to welcome North-Carolina based Benchmark Tool & Supply inc. as a certified Unicontrol3D distributor in the U.S.

Since 2004, the company has provided construction technology through its professional team of industry experts with excellent feedback from their clients.  

Introducing an Industry Leading Distributor to the International Unicontrol Family  

In line with our mission to make machine control simple, Unicontrol now takes the next step on the international scene by establishing a promising partnership with Benchmark Tool & Supply Inc.  

With more than 50 years of collective experience with 3D machine control, top-tier service and support surrounding Unicontrol3D is a given.  

Through a strong set of core values, the U.S distributor underlines the importance of seeking innovative solutions that guarantee precision and productivity.  

Eric Teague, CEO at Benchmark Tool & Supply adds:  

"Unicontrol is precisely what the underserved segment of our industry has been looking for – a cost-effective, user-friendly system with built-in flexibility that adapts to the local needs of the construction industry and complements our existing portfolio of end-to-end solutions. Furthermore, the integrated diagnostics tool taps into our proactive approach to customer service, monitoring and support." Eric Teague, CEO at Benchmark Tool & Supply

Welcoming Benchmark Tool & Supply as a distributor, is a crucial development in making Unicontrol3D accessible for the construction industry in the U.S.  

The partnership poses an opportunity for more construction companies and machine operators across the east coast in the U.S, to explore how user-friendly 3D machine control can improve the efficiency of their projects.

Niels Bjerregaard, CEO at Unicontrol, adds,  

"We are absolutely thrilled to kickstart our partnership with Benchmark Tool & Supply! Their commitment to a customer-centric approach aligns perfectly with how we do business here at Unicontrol. Their outstanding customer support, training and wealth of knowledge about the U.S construction industry makes them the ideal partner for us." Niels Bjerregaard, CEO at Unicontrol

The short introduction, simplicity, and customizability of Unicontrol3D will be a key factor for those interested in adapting GPS machine control on the U.S market.  

Unicontrol3D Machine Control: Customizable and Adaptable to Local Needs

As mentioned by Eric Teague, Unicontrol3D is the solution the industry has been looking for.  

Well, it seems Daniel, Machine Operator at Foushee Grading LLC, agrees.  

Being one of Benchmark Tool & Supply's first customers, Daniel was surprised how quickly he learned how to use Unicontrol3D.  

“Put it in, calibrate it, show me how to use it, and we're working with it!” Daniel, Machine Operator at Foushee Grading LLC

GPS Machine Control: A Future-Proof Investment

In 2023, the U.S has been recognized by Unicontrol as a detrimental market for user-friendly GPS machine control.  

The expected growth in applications of machine control in America, at a remaining high cost, signifies possibilities for user-friendly and cost-effective solutions.  

Data predicts an astonishing market growth to USD 2,424.35 million by 2029 – an annual growth of 7.5%.

Learn more about Benchmark Tool & Supply Inc.  

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