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Making User-Friendly Machine Control Accessible to Operators in Eastern Canada!

March 9, 2023

Launching our user-friendly and cost-effective GPS machine control system in Eastern Canada!  

ElationTech will be joining the international family of distributors across 26 markets, operating in Quebec and Ontario in Canada. With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, the distributor will be instrumental in making the benefits of user-friendly machine control available for operators and contractors in Eastern Canada.  

Our new Canadian distributor is ready to help with Unicontrol3D installations to all the necessary machines for earthmoving on the construction site. This includes all types of excavators and wheel loaders, as well as the solution for dozer and skid-steer with blade attachments, which was launched in 2022. Our GNSS rover will also be part of Elation Tech’s portfolio, making it possible to stake out and measure in perfect synergy with Unicontrol3D.  

Lowering the Entry-barrier with Cost-Effective 3D Machine Control Made For the Operator

Unicontrol3D is built on one principle: Making machine control simple. With many years of experience within the field of advanced machine control systems, Unicontrol’s founders understood the challenges faced by mid-and small-sized contractors; the 3D machine control systems were too complex and expensive, making it only optimized for larger entrepreneurs. Traditionally, the complexity of existing technologies demanded extensive training, constituting a barrier for operators to fully utilize 3D machine control.  

As a company devoted to break down these barriers, Unicontrol decided to put local contractors and operators in hours of workshops, making them the centre of the development process. Doing so, have resulted in a machine control system that truly embraces the requirements of the people in the field. Unicontrol3D is made with and for the operator.  

Unicontrol3D is a user-friendly machine control system that is highly intuitive and flexible, and allows machine operators to quickly get an overview of the system within 30 min.

The GPS machine control system can be customized to operators’ local needs, meaning that it is possible to tailor individual systems with the features required.  

Unicontrol3D machine control consists of fast-tracking sensors installed on the machine, connected to a dual GNSS box, antennas on the roof, and an Android tablet inside the cabinet where the operator can easily track and manage the digging process. With UnicontrolCloud users can quickly upload design files, share projects between machines and download logged points which ensures over-the-air collaboration and automated documentation that is required for quality assurance.    

Unicontrol has with the operator-focused approach lowered the entry barrier for users of machine control systems, by focusing on the everyday needs of the operator and an extremely intuitive interface. This empowers the machine operator with a digital assistant that in the end leads to improved accuracy, less rework, and higher productivity.

All this can be done at a price point well below the norm, as the focus from the get-go has been making Unicontrol3D affordable and accessible by mid-and small-end contractors and machines.  

“The construction market is faced with many challenges. Making a cost-effective, easy-to-use 3D machine guidance system available to construction companies alleviates some of that pressure. Developed in collaboration with machine developers, our system ensures ease-of-use and delivers features most important to users” Rich Hilliker, Managing Director, North America.

Today, Unicontrol3D can be retrofitted on any existing equipment and supports all types and sizes of excavators and wheel loaders. By focusing on the operator’s needs and minimizing downtime, we built remote diagnostics & support tools that make sure that the majority of the customer cases are solved remotely.    

"Companies face tighter cost controls and escalating supply-chain pressures and seek to get more from their technology. Our products are ready to ship now to meet immediate needs" says Ehsan Ekhlas, co-founder and CCO.  

Making Unicontrol3D More Accessible to the North American Market

ElationTech will be joining the international family of distributors, operating from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Although founded in 2020, the company has over a decade of experience with construction technology, meaning that they will be able to provide quality service to machine operators and contractors on this new and exciting market.  

Coming into 2023, we have a strong focus on implementing strategic partnerships on the North American Market, because we are determined to provide Unicontrol3D to even more machine operators and contractors.

We have witnessed the positive impact Unicontrol can have on machine operator’s daily work, and how operating with GPS machine control ensures precision, and ultimately not having to go over the finished work again.  

We can’t wait to see how this partnership will unfold!  

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