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New Partnership with the Leading Distributor of CASE Machines S.D. Kjærsgaard

October 9, 2021

Unicontrol and S.D. Kjærsgaard have made a collaboration that includes Unicontrol3D being offered to CASE machines of S.D. Kjærsgaard

The partnership means the machine operators may use an easy and simple 3D machine control for their projects.

The CCO of Unicontrol, Ehsan Ekhlas says the following about the collaboration:

“We are thrilled to have this collaboration with S.D. Kjærsgaard, as they are leading CASE machines in Denmark. It means a lot to have them as partners since more machine operators will have the opportunity to use Unicontrol3D. Additionally, they have a great service network that is nationwide and therefore can provide quick service.”

CASE has many popular machines, and with their talented service technicians, it is expected to receive machines of high quality. CASE machines are influenced by much innovation, and their innovative upgrades will positively impact the machine operator.

Ekhlas is in no doubt that the collaboration has a bright future. Furthermore, he adds:

“The demand for machine control has grown – it’s the future. That’s why Unicontrol cares about simplifying the process, so it fits all types of companies and entrepreneurs, regardless of the experience."

Finally, Ekhlas says the following:

“We are excited about the growth in the next few years. We already have a fantastic start with the machines of S.D. Kjærsgaard using Unicontrol3D. So we’re excited to see where the collaboration leads us. "

The popularity of 3D machine control has increasingly been growing in the last few years. Unicontrol has developed a user-friendly system for the machine operator, and it only takes 20-30 minutes to learn.

Since Unicontrol3D was launched in 2019, the development of the system has gone fast. It has become more simple and improved with the help of user involvement.

An exciting time is ahead of us!