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Not Making the Most of Compact Machines? 3 Reasons why you Should Level up!

In the construction world, the compact machine is often likened to the utility knife — versatile and essential.

However, many still hesitate to invest in 3D machine control for compact machines due to concerns about cost, complexity, and the nature of the projects.

But is sticking to the old ways the best decision for your business?

3 Reasons why you Should Invest in 3D Machine Control for Compact Machines

  1. Cost Efficiency and ROI: Unicontrol3D for compact machines offers significant cost savings and a potential return on investment of up to 200%. This system not only fits your budget but also matches the dynamic needs of compact machine projects with faster turnovers.
  2. Precision and Quality Control: Compact machines frequently handle utility work, where precision is crucial. Unicontrol3D enhances precision in operations like trenching, excavation, and fine grading. Accurate land leveling and real-time data guide equipment, ensuring precise depth and contouring. This reduces the need for rework and maximizes operational efficiency.
  3. Simplifying Documentation: The need for detailed documentation is increasing as projects grow more complex in today’s world. With Unicontrol3D, operators can create advanced designs and get real-time visualization directly on the tablet. Documentation and quality assurance become straightforward, with data accurately measured and transferred between the field and the machine, ensuring compliance and quality control without the constant need for surveyors.

Features of Unicontrol3D on Smaller Machines

  • Real-time 3D visual guidance and in-field designs.
  • As-built documentation with automatic surface logging.
  • Supports tilt-rotator and offers over-the-air support and training.
  • Simple setup and intuitive operation ideal for changing operators.

Compact machines equipped with Unicontrol3D are set to overcome the traditional challenges of manual labor and error-prone processes like manually setting out stakes and using site drawings in front of the machine.

By upgrading, you not only streamline your operations but also future-proof your fleet against the increasing demands of the construction industry.

For more information, visit unicontrol.io or contact us at contact@unicontrol.io.

Unicontrol3D for compact machines ensures you’re never left behind as the industry evolves.