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The Construction Industry Wants Even More 3D Machine Control: Unicontrol Now Offers Solution for Wheel Loaders

September 14, 2021

Another Demand is Met for the Construction Industry, with Precise and Efficient Excavation Work.

Unicontrol in Odense now has a solution ready that makes it much easier to carry out grading using a wheel loader. Machine operators can now themselves level and set surfaces precisely using the wheel loader via drawings and GPS, without any assistance from a manual worker and a surveyor. The Unicontrol 3D machine control system is now available for excavators and wheel loaders.

The shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry is a growing problem. Contractors are constantly looking for machine operators. Unicontrol meets this challenge using technology that ensures better utilisation of resources on construction sites, by making the individual machine operator more independent and productive.  

This is why even before Unicontrol launched its latest solution, it had already sold the solution to operators in the construction industry in Denmark and Sweden. Unicontrol’s new 3D solution for wheel loaders can be installed on all makes and types of wheel loaders. Unicontrol is the first company in the world that now supports articulated body sensor and installs antennas on the roof.    

Better Machine Utilisation

3D machine control for wheel loaders was developed in collaboration with Unicontrol’s distributors and partners, including  Unicontrol’s dealer in Sverige, L5, who could see the potential and demand in the market.      

“There is often a wheel loader present on construction sites and our customers in the construction industry want to use wheel loaders for even more tasks than moving equipment and loading lorries. Using 3D machine control, the contractor can also use a wheel loader for several tasks, including when surfaces need to be levelled and set. And if the grading has meant that a manhole cover has become hidden, Unicontrol’s solution can quickly localise it without having to call in a surveyor. Overall, Unicontrol’s technology increases machine utilisation and productivity on the site,stated Johan Spector, partner at L5 Navigation.  

In Sweden, construction company M. Holmströms Entreprenad Ab has already ensured it has the new solution, which L5 Navigation supplies under the name L5 U3D-L.  

With Unicontrol 3D fitted on the machine, fast-tracking is ensured, so the system can always follow the machine and the machine operator can carry out the work precisely. This technology is now also available for loaders.    


Ehsan Ekhlas, CCO at Unicontrol
“We always develop our solutions based on user involvement and workflow analyses in the construction industry. There is a clear need for a user-friendly and simple 3D machine control system, and this is precisely why we developed a 3D machine control system that has a short training time and is sold at an affordable price. Our vision is to be the world-leading manufacturer of a simple 3D GPS machine control system. We will show that machine control can be made simple for the user,” said Ehsan Ekhlas, CCO at Unicontrol.

At construction company Gorm Hansen in Denmark, Technical Manager Henrik Vestergaard is very satisfied with the new technological possibilities that Unicontrol provides to the company’s machine operators:

“Unicontrol 3D is an excellent tool for ensuring precise grading, no matter the level of experience the machine operator inside the cab has. At the same time, our machine operators like the fact that machine control allows them to work independently on the construction site. We reach our goals much faster now when it comes to levelling tasks.”      

In Denmark, S.D. Kjærsgaard A/S and HM Entreprenør A/S are also leaders in the use of the new Unicontrol solution for loaders.

Unicontrol was established in 2018 and has distinguished itself as the first developer of 3D machine control for all types of excavators and now sells its technology in more than 15 countries.