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The Ultimate Test of Unicontrol3D’s Presicion and Reliability on a Delicate and Unique Terrain!

October 18, 2023

Awesome Earthmovers have brought the story of an amazing Unicontrol3D installation in their latest catalogue edition!

P. Quinn Construction has chosen Unicontrol3D to remain In Control

Unicontrol3D have recently been installed by our certified distributor in the UK, SurveyTech, on P. Quinn Construction’s excavator with the purpose of creating foundations for golf courses. The owner, Paddy Quinn, is one of Europe's most demanded golf course contractors and has been involved in making prestigious golf courses around the world. P. Quinn Construction performs both maintenance tasks and construction of complete golf courses.  

Not Just Your Everyday Earthmoving Task

P. Quinn Construction's tasks demand precision at extremely specific gradients to comply with the golf course designs. The owner explains that there is an immense amount of work under the surface to satisfy the architectural design of greens, tees, drainage and bunkers. Pat’s earthmoving tasks demand trustworthy precision, and are extremely time consuming, which led him to explore the opportunity to improve the productivity of his tasks through GPS machine control:  

“But with new technologies coming to the fore, the ability to couple GPS systems to both the tilt and rotate functions, we thought it was about time we explored the possibility of adding this to our fleet”  

This is where Unicontrol comes into the picture. P. Quinn Construction has added a new and sharp Hitachi Zaxis 160-7 to their machine fleet, which is installed with Unicontrol3D. Our machine control system will assist Pat in his earthmoving tasks on one of the most complex surfaces imaginable.  

A Recognition of Unicontrol3D’s Precision and User-Friendliness  

Considering the complexity of creating foundations for golf courses with a very narrow margin for error, we are extremely delighted that P. Quinn Construction have acknowledged Unicontrol3D as the optimal GPS machine control for his projects.  

“There’s nothing complicated about its set up, nothing complicated about how I access it or how it interacts with the machine. For me, and many users, its simplicity will be the key to its success”  
Photocredit: Awesome Earthmovers  

Time is money for P. Quinn Construction, which means that his tasks must be completed accurately without unnecessary rework. The combination of a complete overview of the golf course design from the cab and reliant sensors to continuously keep him updated in real-time has been a game-changer for Pat!

“I was able to complete the job quicker and safer, but it was also accurate which meant not having to return over the finished ground”  

Experiencing how Unicontrol3D can assist the most complex earthmoving tasks is remarkable and ultimately recognises how a specialist within golf course construction doesn’t need a technically complicated machine control system. Simplicity and user-friendliness gets the job done for Pat!

Read the full Unicontrol3D feature story on pages 48-52 by clicking on the picture below:

Awesome Earthmovers Catalogue, Issue 09, Sept/Oct 22

Learn more about GPS machine control solutions from Unicontrol.

All video- and photocredit: Awesome Earthmovers