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Unicontrol Introduces: Automatic Grading Control for Dozers

December 1, 2023

Unicontrol Introduces: Automatic Grading Control for Dozers

Today, we are introducing our latest development in dozer grading control, set to redefine grading efficiency and precision.

Unicontrol3D for dozers, introduces the much-anticipated Automatic Grading Control for dozers. A step forward in making grading tasks simpler and precise.

"Automatic Grading Control from Unicontrol is an innovation that will make grading simpler for our existing- and new users around the world. Developed in response to worldwide demand, this solution has already recieved positive feedback from machine operators throughout our extensive testing phase. It's not just an update; it's an improvement to our intuitive solution portfolio, offering cutting-edge and adaptable dozer technology directly to our end-users." Ehsan Ehklas, Founder and CCO

Curious about how this technology can transform your grading experience?

Keep reading to explore the unique benefits of Automatic Grading Control, and find all necessary contact information at the end.

Automatic Grading Control: A New Chapter in Dozer Grading

Semi-Automatic Function: Effortless Precision

We will make this simple: This semi-automatic feature is a game-changer.

Automatic Grading Control is a semi-automatic function that significantly reduces manual grading efforts.

Operators simply steer the dozer while the blade automatically adjusts for grading, following terrain and design contours with impeccable precision.

"At Unicontrol, our dedication to simplifying machine control for operators worldwide is evident in our commitment to innovation. Automatic Grading Control stands as a testament to this dedication, simplifying dozer operation. Our development efforts are closely aligned with real-world challenges on construction sites, where Automatic Grading Control directly addresses the global demand for a solution that make it simpler to obtain precise dozer operation.” Kasper Hartvig, Co-Founder & CPO - Chief Product Officer

Efficiency and Accuracy Combined

Set the slope and grade, and let Automatic Grading Control handle the rest.

Achieve accuracy within 1 centimeter, reduce re-work, save fuel, and use manpower more efficiently.

Let’s break it down in more details.

Supporting 6-Way Dozer Blades

Dynamic Grading at Your Fingertips

The new dozer function, supports dozer blades with 6-way movements.

Here is the full overview of the automatic blade movements of Automatic Grading Control by Unicontrol:

  1. Raise and Lower: Automatically controls depth for precise cuts.
  2. Tilt: Auto-adjusts for efficient material handling.

The Automatic Grading Control makes the process of grading extremely dynamic with the ability to grade any surface or slope to perfection the first time, reducing re-work and the need for double-checking the precision of the final contours.

Automatic GPS Grading Control
Automatic Grading Control

Joystick Integration: Intuitive and Seamless Control

With the new update for Dozers, machine operators can experience the ease of grading with Joystick Integration to the Unicontrol machine control system.

Let’s break down what the Joystick Integration offers to the dozer operator.

1. Activate Automatics Directly from the Integrated Dozer Controls

The Automatic Grading Control can be toggled on or off directly from a single click of button using the joystick in the dozer.

This creates a seamless experience where the dozer operator does not have to lift a finger from the dozer controls.

The joystick integration with the Automatic Grading Control function toggle, makes it easy for the dozer operator to start grading from the get-go.

2. Direct Offset Adjustments with the Dozer Joystick

The Integration between the joystick and the Unicontrol3D offers a quick way to adjust the offset according to the original design file, using the joystick button of any given dozer.

Dozer Controls
Unicontrol3D Joystick Integration

This is especially useful for surfaces that needs pavement, asphalt or gravel in the final design.

This offset line can now be adjusted directly from the joystick in the machine, making it easy and quick for dozer operators to tailor the specific needs of a project, without compromising the original design file.

Creating this offset will automatically adjust the blade of the dozer, and take the offset into account, constantly documenting the process.

3D Real Time Guidance: Precision in Real Time

With Unicontrol3D, dozer operators always have real-time guidance on the intuitive Unicontrol display unit.

The 3D Real-Time Guidance provides operators with a detailed view of the dozer's blade position in relation to the terrain and the planned design.

Grading Control
Unicontrol3D Automatic Grading Control Interface

This allows for more precise grading and earthmoving, ensuring that the work adheres closely to the specifications and designs.

With real-time feedback, operators can complete the grading project with confidence, without needing to stop work for manual checks.

This significantly boosts productivity, allowing projects to be completed faster and more efficiently.

The real-time guidance allows the operator to stay in FULL control of the grading process, without having to step out of the machine to ask for manual guidance or double-check the process.

Next, we highlight the 3 key benefits that makes automatic grading control a must-have grade control product for contractors and dozer operators.

3 Key Benefits of Automatic Grading Control

In its essence Automatic Grading Control makes grading simple.

Here are the 3 Key Benefits of the ground-breaking technology:

1. Superior Grading Accuracy

Achieve unmatched precision and perfect slopes every time, with automatic adjustments.

2. Efficiency in Operation

Experience faster, more efficient grading with reduced need for manual intervention and fewer corrections.

3. Real-Time Visualization for Perfect Results

With 3D real-time guidance, see your grading progress as it happens, ensuring alignment with project plans and precision in execution.

There you have it. Automatic Grading Control simply adds a new level of precision, control and autonomy in grading.

In the following section, we present the benefits of Automatic Grading Control in practice.

Automatic Grading Control Dozer
Automatic Grading Control Dozer

Use Case: Automatic Grading Control

Transforming Everyday Grading Tasks

Imagine a typical construction site where precise grading is crucial — perhaps a large commercial development or a residential area with complex landscaping needs.

Before, this would have involved constant manual adjustments, frequent stops to check accuracy, and a high probability of rework.

With Automatic Grading Control:
  1. Initial Setup: The operator selects the desired slope and grade reference on the Unicontrol3D system.
  2. Effortless Execution: As they focus on navigating the dozer, the blade automatically adjusts its position to create the exact landscape required.
  3. Real-Time Feedback: Throughout the process, the operator monitors the grading progress through the 3D real-time guidance system. This assures that the work follows the design.
  4. Reduced Rework: Wit Automatic Grading Control, grading is done right the first time, aligning perfectly with design files.
  5. Time and Resource Efficiency: The process is faster and more efficient, reducing fuel consumption and manpower, and allowing the operator to move on to other tasks sooner

Result: A Perfectly Graded Site

The site is graded to the exact specifications with maximum efficiency and the project moves forward without delays caused by grading errors.

Get Early Access: Enabling Automatic Grading Control

To try the magic of Automatic Grading Control all you need to do is contact a local Unicontrol partner.

Wether you already have a Unicontrol3D Dozer system or consider getting a new machine control system for your Dozer, our local partners are experts in installing and delivering excellent support.

Why wait? Request access to Automatic Grading Control now!

Find your nearest Unicontrol partner here.

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