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Unicontrol Partners Up with Hydroscand A/S the Market Leader In Mobile Hose Services in Denmark

November 29, 2021

As the interest for Unicontrol is rapidly growing, Unicontrol and Hydroscand have partnered up and made a collaboration regarding service for the many Danish customers of Unicontrol.

The collaboration has been made due to the great service setup Hydroscand has in Denmark. Together with their expertise from a long history of providing fantastic service, they are also specialized in servicing hydraulic systems on construction equipment.

CEO at Unicontrol, Niels Bjerregaard, shows excitement for the collaboration and says:

‘’To have Hydroscand as our partner means that our customers get an even better opportunity to get good and fast support. Should it be necessary to receive service anywhere in Denmark, it would be no issue for Hydroscand to provide it.

Niels continues;  

“We want to provide the best service for our customers and that’s why the partnership with Hydroscand is an important one.”

The sales manager in Denmark for Hydroscand, Kim Bender is also very satisfied with the collaboration and adds:

“We know that Unicontrol has a high customer satisfaction and has systems all over the country. That’s why we also see it as a great opportunity to show our expertise in hose service and components to machine control”

Unicontrol is a Danish company and one of the leading developers of 3D machine control to all types of excavators and wheel loaders. Since 2018, Unicontrol has been through a wonderful journey with much growth and has expanded to international markets.

Unicontrol3D is developed on the basis of user involvement and workflow analysis in the construction industry. There is a need for a user-friendly and simple 3D machine control system which is why Unicontrol has developed a 3D machine control system with fast instruction time and customer friendly prices. It also supports swing boom for compact excavators and wheel loaders. It’s a 3D machine control made for the machine operator.

Hydroscand engages in hoses and wire components as it is their main focus. Hydroscand was founded in 1969 and has since the beginning only engaged in the same type of work for over 50 years. Today is it still all about hose service, so their competences within this profession is in constant development.

Hydroscand additionally have a mobile service called HoseExpress and offers all customers to get fast, professional and safe service on site. This applies no matter where you are located  in Denmark and can be called 24/7. They are now the leading mobile service provider in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

It is the first time in Denmark a service partner has partnered with a 3D machine control developer. The collaboration means that all customers of Unicontrol can receive service from 8 additional locations in Denmark.