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Unicontrol3D Machine Control: Installed and Calibrated on a Wheel Excavator with 8 Sensors

February 24, 2021

Unicontrol3D: A Machine Control System in Constant Development

This week we installed and calibrated our first system on a wheel excavator, which furthermore had both dual and swing boom.

This combination of functionalities was also new for us – and the above beauty of a wheel excavator became the machine, we have installed the most sensors on so far.

Unicontrol3D is a complex navigation system, operating and guiding the operator via high-quality sensors attached to all available functionalities. In this case, the Takeuchi TB295W has no less than 8 sensors attached across the machine:

One on pitch/role, one on the swingboom – and one for the boom, dual boom, and stick.

There is a sensor on the bucket, one on the tilt, and finally one on the Engcon tilt rotator.

Two crucial GNSS receivers ensure the necessary signal for all sensors to work out where the bucket is. The system is detachable and can be installed on another excavator if needed.

We’re pleased to report that our system is running smoothly with this new combination of dual and swing boom – and wish MVN Enterprise all the best with Unicontrol3D.

MVN Enterprise purchased their system via dealer GeoNav, but please get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more about Unicontrol3D.