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UnicontrolCloud: Launching our Cloud-Based Storage Solution

November 24, 2020

This week we’re launching our cloud-based storage solution, which has been in the making ever since Unicontrol3D was first developed. The system must be connected with a safe, reliable platform that enables central data management.  

UnicontrolCloud Interface

Our customers use Unicontrol3D daily, which as a result generates large amounts of data constantly. Project data is dynamic and requires an infrastructure able to handle the data in real-time to offer the user maximized productivity and match the growing requirements for quality assurance. With our direct cloud solution, you’ve got access to your data at all times in real-time.

UnicontrolCloud: The 3 Benefits of our Software for Fleet Management

The cloud is developed as a product fully in line with our Unicontrol brand and is as such distinguished by the following benefits:

  • Simplicity in design of set-up throughout the platform, which offers our customers an extremely user-friendly journey. Just like the Unicontrol3D app, our storage solution covers all aspects of necessary reporting tools but is designed to be easily accessible for users at all levels. The Unicontrol cloud-solution does not overwhelm the user with multiple layers, but rather a highly intuitive and very straightforward approach.

  • When we say real-time data-access, we mean real-time data access. Our high-quality sensors attached to the excavator ensure that the work of the operator is trackable as the machine is doing the work. The data is available there and then.

  • We like to ensure our customers a competitive price, which is why our basic cloud is free of charge covering in- and outgoing data between Unicontrol3D and the cloud.

Our cloud solution adds a great layer to the Unicontrol3D package – and will ensure ideal data handling for everyone involved in your project. 3D navigation combined with a cloud-based storage solution is essential for everyone in modern-day construction.  

Please get in touch for more information about Unicontrol3D to find out how we can help your business.