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Unicontrol's 2023: 50% Growth in Revenue Despite Industry Challenges

February 23, 2024

2023 is a wrap, and we are grateful for the result

In Unicontrol we aim to foster growth through innovation and business development despite uncertainties in the construction industry.

Odense, Denmark - In an industry facing significant challenges due to high-interest rates and rising material costs in 2023, as a new global player in construction technology, we have still managed to show resilience and growth.

Despite the above-mentioned challenges faced by the construction industry in 2023, we have achieved more than 50% growth from 2022.

Total revenue increased from 70 million to 106 million in 2023, with 80% derived from international markets. Although this growth is primarily driven by intensive product innovation, a solid profit of 14 million was achieved.

"In a turbulent industry, it has been essential for us to remain highly focused. This includes removing growth barriers for our distributors worldwide and staying true to developing our product range to create value and improve conditions for the operator," sais our CEO Niels Bjerregaard.

2023 was also the year Unicontrol received its first Børsen Gazelle Trophy and won the award for the highest growth in the Southern Denmark.

Gazelle Award 2023

Although the growth of the construction industry will slow down in the coming years, it will remain at a high level.

Unicontrol's robust growth and innovation indicate a strong foundation for continued success in a challenging economic climate.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for these outstanding results to our amazing team and international partners.