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Why Add 3D Machine Control to Your Existing Fleet?

June 13, 2022

Improve the Return on Your Investment Significantly with Machine Control on Your Already Existing Fleet

Machine control helps you finish your projects with more accuracy, fewer mistakes, and much faster. In the end, it enables you to save time and money. Buying a 3D machine control is a safe investment that will pay itself back after the first couple of projects.    

In this article, we will cover five reasons why you should invest in 3D machine control for your existing fleet or new purchase:    

  1. Lower Operating Costs: The cost of the machine control system is a significant factor in the overall return on investment for installing control on existing machines. Based on man-hours saved and the quality of work, you will often end up with a payback time as low as 6 months, depending on machine workload and project types.  
  2. Greater Productivity: Guided by machine control, you excavate with higher confidence and faster cycle times, and with complete information about grade depth, there is no need to stop for control measures.  
  3. Less Wear and Tear: Maintenance is directly affected by fewer cycles or passes to do the same amount of work. The higher precision from the machine control directly influences cycles by not removing too much material or too little.  
  4. Greater Equipment Utilization/Flexibility: Machine control allows the machine to work more independently, minimizing hold-up and downtime. Also, the system enables us to perform more tasks – and an excavator or a wheel loader will be able to do the final grade.    
  5. Less rework: The essential benefit of investing in machine control properly is doing the job right the first time. You know exactly how much material to take out, which height to put it in, and confirm that you are in the correct location.    

To wrap it up, 3D machine control assists the machine operator in optimizing the work while also making it easier and faster. It also minimizes the risks of making mistakes, thus negating the consequence of starting over again. The investment level of the system and the need for training define the payback period and overall business case.

Easy Adoption and the Cost of Installed System is Key  

Installing a machine control system on an excavator or wheel loader with 5.000-10.000 working hours is just as easy as installing it on a new machine. However, the overall return on investment is influenced by the lifespan of the machine, which will potentially have a shorter payback period.

The two primary factors that will determine the investment are the cost of the system and how quickly the machine control system will enable the operator to work more efficiently and how much time will be saved on the documentation process.  

This means that even for already operational construction machines with significant working hours it still makes a great investment to install a machine control system.  

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